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What can we do for you?

Providing everything you need to bring history to life


Showcasing the hidden backbone of the Roman empire, our civilians provide a representation of what life was like 2000 years ago in Roman Britain, from slaves to senators. Our members are knowledgeable in an array of topics such as the intricacies of ancient textiles, the details of roman midwifery, the particulars of roman cosmetics and the artistry of mosaics. Many of our displays are tactile or have ‘have-a-go’ elements perfect for any event.


2000 years ago, the second legion of Augustus invaded the shores of Britain and 2000 years later they're still here, at least in spirit. With two pieces of fully operational roman artillery and their Optio in charge, our soldiers portray what life was like in the roman army. Our soldiers have extensive knowledge on the impressive feats of roman engineering, complexities of arms and armour and the grisly details of roman medicine. 


Within Legio Secunda Augusta, we have our very own gladiator school; Ludus Augusta. Well trained and dedicated, our gladiators provide a depiction of what gladiatorial combat looked like in roman times and will give an in depth explanation of what a day at the Games would have looked like. Our gladiators are more than willing to pass on their training to the younger generations though our children gladiators which are always a hit at any event.

Prop rental

Do you have the people but not the kit? Are you staging a film or theatre production and need props and costume? Is your passion play lacking a cross and a pair of soldiers? You can hire all you need from us, from kitchens and cribs to crosses and catapults. Our team of wardrobe and set dressers will accompany our kit and help make your production the best it can be. All you have to do is contact via our email, Facebook or Instagram.

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